Downsample_logging not working on Linux?

I was trying is not working , getting stuck up

how to use in linux and am trying it, getting some error

Hi @Rajeeva and welcome to the forum! I am sorry to hear that downsampling_logging is not working on your computer. I just confirmed that it works correctly on Ubuntu 18.04LTS with pyjoulescope. So, we need to figure out what is not working on your machine.

I have a few requests to help trace down the problem.

  1. Can you post the console output including the error message that you see? For example, here is what I see:
~/repos/Jetperch/pyjoulescope_examples$ python3 bin/
Starting logging - press CTRL-C to stop
Found one Joulescope

The program then outputs nothing else, at least until you hit CTRL-C. The data is recorded in ~/Documents/joulescope.

  1. Can you post the output of:
python3 -VV

I see:

~/repos/Jetperch/pyjoulescope_examples$ python3 -VV
Python 3.6.9 (default, Apr 18 2020, 01:56:04)
[GCC 8.4.0]
  1. Can you post the output of:
python3 -c "import joulescope; print(joulescope.__version__)"

I see:


I will take a look at what you post and see if I can identify the issue.

Note that I have also split your posts into a new topic just for this issue.