Crash on Export Data

Am cutting out a section of a .jls file using Dual Markers and Export Data. I get the Joulescope.exe has stopped working dialog. The file does appear to be exported, but am getting a stack overflow.

Log file attached.

joulescope_20200401_220400_18296.log (74.9 KB)

Hi @wired

This issue is the same as Crash on Histogram request and recorded in Issue #67. Issue #67 has already been fixed and was scheduled for the end of April. Since you have already ran into this issue in a different form, I have created an interim fix 0.8.10 alpha release. See the download page, or download 0.8.10 Win10 directly.

We do not plan on fully testing this release since it is out of cycle. Despite that, the changes affect program execution, not current, voltage, power, or energy compuation, so we are reasonably confident that you will not see regressions with this release.

Had another crash today, this time while doing unattended data logging. I am running two instances of the Joulescope UI, one for each Joulescope, and collecting about 4hrs of data with each run. I started an acquisition and went back to the lab later, and found that one of my instances has a 'problem has occurred…" dialog. I closed it out, and then went to delete the .jls files as they were no longer good for anything. It would not let me delete the file from the instance that crashed - I had to go into task manager and end a joulescope process.

Log file is attached.
joulescope_20200401_120511_63828.log (140.3 KB)

Hi @wired - This crash is new to me, and likely lies in pyqtgraph (a library used by the Joulescope UI). I may have identified the issue. If I have, it is very strange that this issue occurs so infrequently (I have never seen it). I created an issue:

Thank you for time to report this!

Happened again this morning on first logging session of the day. This time the log file looks a little bit different, so I’m attaching it here.
joulescope_20200406_130227_14456.log (33.6 KB)

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