Joulescope Measurements (tl;dr it works)

I did some measurements with my Keithley 236 (some measurements referenced to my R6581T) and it looks like it easily meets it’s accuracy specs for both current and voltage.

I measured and it has an input impedance of more than 100GOhms from 1 to 14.9V, above that the current increases dramatically, I assume this is a function of the protection devices.

As someone who was an original Kickstarter backer and has been using it since then in many professional projects, punching more I can say that I love the Joulscope, it has really changed the way we do low power development.


Great to hear that you have confirmed the Joulescope specs after 1 year of use, and thank you for taking time to post here! The Joulescope specs contain a healthy margin for both temperature and aging effects, but it’s always great to get more real-world confirmation that paper design and reality match.

Yes, the ESD protection does start to decrease input impedance at the high end of the range. We spec 3 nA typical @ 15V = 5 GΩ, so looking good!

Awesome! Hope it helps you build some great products!