Joulescope unboxing & first impressions

Joulescope is now shipping. Thank you to all of our early Kickstarter backers and preorder customers. Without your support, Joulescope would not have been possible. Now that you have Joulescope in your hands, we want your feedback. Let us know the good, the bad, and what needs improvement. Reply to this topic with your thoughts!

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I love the soft shell case and how easy it was to install the software. Heck, I plugged the thing in prior to installing the software and didn’t even have to unplug it and re-plug it in to get it to talk. It just worked. I can’t remember the last time I had a new device that just worked like that.

Also, I did a few measurements and I’m impressed with how quickly it autoranges and also how accurately it measures (I’m getting -0.35nA offset error in the 18µA range).

That being said, I think the software needs a bunch of usability work:

  1. The waveform mode is frustratingly inconsistent. If I click and drag while the waveform is being updated, it zooms the waveform. If I click and drag when the waveform updates are stopped, it scrolls in time.
  2. I don’t see any way to trigger the signal on the waveform itself, which makes catching waveforms really tough.
  3. It’d be great to be able to set the scale on the time axis, I was trying to figure out whether a signal was 60Hz but I had to eyeball it based on the 0.01s resolution of the axis.
  4. Needs cursors for spot measurements.
  5. If I disable updates in the waveform display mode and then switch to multimeter mode then the updates are paused so it looks like it hung up and there’s no way to turn it back on without first going to the waveform/oscilloscope view again.
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Hi @NickLL - Great to hear that your Joulescope is working well and welcome to the forum! Thank you for posting about your experience and for providing feedback. I will respond to each below:

The software just can’t win here. It originally allowed pan while in live view mode, but then people forgot that they were not at present time and complained about their Joulescope having a massive delay. The conclusion is that live steam mode must always display the most recent data and never pan away. I think they only way to be fully consistent is to completely disable drag in live view mode. Is this better that allowing drag to zoom? Other recommendations?

Triggering is not yet implemented, but it is a planned future feature.

Use Dual Markers! Right click on the x-axis → AnnotationsDual Markers. Way better than eyeballing, either on the default grid or a specified grid.

What do you propose that is easier? I used to have what was essentially a single marker that followed your cursor around all the time, but people complained that it was too cluttered and distracting. Dropping a single marker is reasonably quick and easy (Right click on the x-axis → AnnotationsSingle Marker). If you single left click on the single marker, it follows your cursor.

I have received a few reports of people mentioning that the display was frozen in multimeter mode after using the waveform that I have been unable to duplicate. I bet this is what they meant! I will update the multimeter selection to also force live streaming from the active device, or the first available device when viewing a file in the oscilloscope view.

I would recommend putting User's Guide directly in the Help menu and linking to the latest version on your website. This would save a few click.

Secondly, I would include something to secure the two unused screws for anyone who orders the USB Front Panel. The screws will not remain in a spare front panel slot of the carrying case when moved around. Something as simple as a small re-sealable bag would suffice.

Will do!

Understood. I can certainly include a small ziplock back with future USB front panel orders as you suggest. If this at the top of your concerns regarding Joulescope, I am very happy :smile:.

Take a look at IOComp graphing component. I’ve used this component in the past for real time plotting and it has all the features you want (axis scaling, cursors, etc). I really would like cursors that I can easily move around so I can quickly take measurements.

Hi @kelly and welcome to the forum!

Try right clicking on the x-axis, then click annotations. Check out the “Markers”. Does this do what you want?
I searched for IOComp, and this looks like a .NET only solution. I can certainly look at it as a reference.

Looks like the dual markers can get the info I wanted, for some reason when I was clicking on them originally they wouldn’t move, looks like I can move them and get delta information.
Yeah the IOComp are a .NET only solution. The Saleae software that is used on their logic analyzers works very similar to what you have, if your looking for inspiration please check it out. What you have is a great start for just launching your product, keep up the good work!

I am a big fan of Saleae, and I have both the Logic Pro 16 and original Logic. Their software continues to be in influence in Joulescope design. Thanks!

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