LabVIEW support?

We have now received two requests for Joulescope to support LabVIEW. Would you want to use your Joulescope with LabVIEW? If you want LabVIEW, please :heart: this post.

We are also not LabVIEW experts. If you have recommendations for how to integrate Joulescope with LabVIEW quickly and inexpensively, please post and let us know!

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As a LabVIEW user, I think it would a nice capability to have, but I’d have to say that other software integration features would be more useful to me, such as being able to integrate the Joulescope output with embedded debugger trace information. Being able to display Joulescope output synchronized with ARM ITM output, for example, would be IMO the most bang for the buck, and much more useful than having one or two GPIO lines displayed.

I can’t think of a use case where I would apply the LabVIEW integration in a development environment. Perhaps as part of an ATE application, though. I foresee Joulescope being used more in the early development environment than in the production environment. This is why I would strongly urge you to focus on integration into IDE debugging environments. However, when you eventually do make your 2- or 4-quadrant model of the Joulescope, I think there are more use cases geared toward acceptance testing that would present themselves (one of which you and I have already discussed related to isolated medical signals).

Example use case with LabVIEW might be collection of long term charge/discharge profile on a device containing wireless charge capability, such as a medical implantable. The two-quadrant device would be ideal for this, although the current device can work depending on the charging specifications.

Estimating battery life under various operating conditions can always be done with modelling, but having real data as evidentiary documentation will always be accepted.

As far as integrating Joulescope with LabVIEW, a dll with a documented API that exposes the desired Joulescope control and data is all that is really needed for a LabVIEW user to integrate into their application. I have not looked at the Joulescope software - maybe you already have this. If so, it would be a fairly trivial matter to create a LabVIEW driver. You also have a USB interface, so a VISA-compliant driver could also be made. That would be the preferable solution, as National Instruments has many VISA instrument drivers on their website, and yours could be one of them :slight_smile:

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