Sigrok for data analysing

Hey there!

First of all, the Joulescope and the support are awesome!
Also, I’m currently using the function for measuring over longer periods of time. I was wondering if the Joulescope could support Sigrok in the future.
It is an opensource tool for analyzing data.

Keep up the good work!

Hi @Groj and thanks for the kind words!

Having Sigrok support would be awesome and is definitely on the roadmap. We (Jetperch LLC) don’t have the time to take this on ourselves quite yet, and we unfortunately cannot commit to a completion date yet.

Here are some interesting links:

I didn’t know that the Saleae Logic Pro 16 driver existed, so I’ll have to try that out.

If anyone in the Joulescope community wants to develop a sigrok driver before we get to it, we would be happy to support you!

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