Option to use 'mWh' instead of mJ

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Heavy Joulescope user at my company. One thing that often comes up when we analyze/interpret data is energy consumption. For consumer electronics, a common unit for energy is Watt-hours (Wh), or milli-Watt-hours (mWh).

In the Joulescope statistics that show to the right of the Waveform viewer, or when using the parallel vertical cursors to highlight ranges, the energy calculation is shown in mJ.

The conversion isn’t that complex (i.e., mWh = mJ/3600), and was wondering if we could get an GUI option to show the energy calculation in Wh instead of J, and mWh instead of mJ?


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Hi @saketvora and thanks for the suggestion! You can actually change the units to Wh and Ah today in the existing Joulescope UI. You need to open a Settings widget, either from the Widgets menu or from the sidebar. The Settings widget is a little cramped from the sidebar, but it is quicker to access:

You then want to select CommonUnitsCustomary units, like this:

Does this work for you?

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Oh my God, I can’t believe I missed this.
So sorry for the irrelevant post!

Thank you!

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No worries! It’s nice to have questions about features that are already implemented. Great to know this feature is important to you!