Energy measurements from a JLS file

I recently used our Joulescope to take some measurement of a battery discharge using a resistive load. I recorded this to a JLS file. This was approx 24 hours of data at 1 Hz sample rate (~1.3GB).

So far so good. The GUI really is impressive at handling large datasets like this!

What I’m now trying to do is measure energy consumption for different cutoff voltages. For example between 3.0V to 2.4V, or between 3.0V to 1.8V.

I was hoping the dual markers would show energy. Also, the energy accumulator doesn’t appear active when using a file.

  • Can energy measurements be taken using the GUI?
  • If not, is there another convenient way to take these sorts of energy measurements?

Perhaps I’m trying to bend the Joulescope to do something it wasn’t designed for.

Hi @cabottech and welcome to the Joulescope forum!

Yes, they do, but you have to enable the power signal. Click on Settings at the top left of the waveform widget. Then select AddPower. The dual markers will display the integral over the selected region as indicated by ∫. The integral of power is energy. By default, energy is displayed in joules. If you want to display energy as Wh, select FilePreferencesUnitsenergy.

Does this give you the analysis capabilities you need?

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Perfect, thanks very much :slight_smile:

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