Read cumulative energy via Python

Just getting started with scripted measurements for the Joulescope.
Looking good so far :slight_smile:

Is anything implemented to get the cumulative energy during a…) command?
Or would you have to calculate it manually from the current/voltage readings?

The energy display in the UI is very nice, but i would like to read it programmatically.

Looking forward to see how this project and software evolves!


Hi @sorenfriis and welcome to the Joulescope forum!

If you want to read the energy just like the UI, then register a callable with joulescope.driver.Device.statistics_callback (link to software version 0.6.4, Oct 2019). Note that the callable is called from the USB thread, so you may have to resynchronize it to your main thread. I created the example over in the pyjoulescope_examples GitHub repo.

Just like with the UI, this energy statistic is only updated every 1/2 second. Does this work for your application?

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Thank you for the quick response and the sample code.
That is definitely a usable solution.

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