Sync multiple julescopes

Hi, im currently working with a dc converter and need to measure the input and output through different tests. At the moment i’ve been having troubles with the export of data. Currently for de adquisition im using the command in the examples but it doesnt sync the data from both Joulescopes (JS220). I was wandering if there is a solution that doesn’t involve too much coding since im fairly basic in python.

Hi @ItaloM and welcome to the Joulescope forum.

As of August 2023, the JS220 and JS110 only have host-side time synchronization. This means that the signals from different Joulescopes are not very accurately aligned, and you may see alignment errors of approximately 100 milliseconds.

We will add time alignment options to the JS220 soon, likely in October 2023. The first option is software synchronization over USB, which should reach roughly 1 millisecond alignment. The second option will be hardware synchronization using the Trigger OUT or GPO on one JS220 to drive the Trigger IN or GPI on any number of JS220s. This should result in roughly 1-microsecond time alignment. Unfortunately, neither option is available today.

If you need to make a measurement in the meantime, you drive the GPI signals (like IN0) on both JS220s to indicate the events of interest. You can drive this signal externally from your test setup or using one the GPO signals (like OUT0) on one of the JS220s. You can continue to use, which outputs the older JLS v1 files. You can then open the JLS v1 files in the Joulescope UI and manually investigate them. Does this work for the time being?

I’ll try these solutions, but i think i’ll be enough.

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I ended up using the trigger function and connecting the joulescopes to different computers, the synchronization seems to be pretty good but i have to try more tests.

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