Accumulated value in oscilloscope view on v1.0.7

Is this temporary removed on alpha build, or has it been moved somewhere i can’t see?
On the stable version i could see the accumulated mAh value in top right corner.

Hi @TR-elwatch ! The Oscilloscope view will no longer have the accumulated mAh display by default. We will be adding an Accumulator widget this month. We will also add a default units selection for C, Ah and J, Wh.

For the time being, you can get close with a Value widget. Here is how.

  1. Select Widgets → Value
  2. Right-click on the new Value widget, click Settings
  3. Set signal to “charge”
  4. Check “show_fields” if you want to display the time.
  5. Uncheck “show_titles” if you only have the one Joulescope connected.
  6. Optionally select the Fonts tab to change the font size.
  7. Click the top-right X of the settings widget to close.
  8. Resize / reposition the widget as desired.

The Accumulator widget is in v1.0.9, which you can download today.

Select WidgetsAccumulator to add the widget. Right-click on the Accumulator widget for configuration options.

I’d love to hear what you think of the new Accumulator widget!