Broke my joulescope?


I think I broke my 180mA range ? It’s jumping up and down to 200mA max and -46mA min all the time? See attached screenshots, there is no load on the output terminals. but its connected to a 12Vpsu on one of the pictures.

Tested the 2A rang and that is also wired ?(noload on terminals)

Is there a way to fix it ? I’m know how to use a soldering iron. Is it possible to replace components, but that require a schematic to verify component values?

Hope you can help?

Hi @Wollx, and welcome to the Joulescope forum. Sorry to hear that your JS110 is having issues. That oscillation looks to be 50 Hz, which likely corresponds to your mains power.

If you completely disconnect your JS110 IN and OUT terminals, do you still see the 50 Hz oscillation?

Hi @mliberty, Thanks.
If if disconnect all cables it looks like attached

Is it normal for the Julescope JS110 to startup with measuring 200mA?

No. It should startup measuring whatever current is present. In this case, it should be zero.

It looks like you are still seeing a lot of 50 Hz noise pickup. With the JS110 terminals completely disconnected, it should never be this much, so I am not sure what is going on. I will send you a DM.