Calibration Procedure and/or Certificate

I had asked during the backing period about obtaining a calibration certificate. From what I recall, the Joulescopes would be calibrated using NIST traceable equipment.

Two questions:
Is there a plan to make a calibration certificates available? Additional fee would be acceptable. If one is not available, it will be difficult to use as an official tool in my work environment.

Is there a plan to make the calibration procedure available? In the absence of a certificate, I have the option to run a calibration procedure using our own calibrated equipment to verify that the equipment meets specs.

Well, I guess there’s a third question. Do you offer or plan to offer re-calibration services? Our company is happy to pay a fee to ship a device out for re-certification if it means we don’t have to spend an engineer’s time to walk through a procedure they are unfamiliar with. For our company we need to have equipment calibrated annually.

Thank you so much for your time.

Steve Takata

Hi @stakata and welcome to the Joulescope forum!

Calibration certificates
We do still plan to create calibration certificates at some point in the future. However, I am not able to commit to a date at this time. We have the calibration data from manufacturing, and we would need to process that data into a meaningful report. I am not sure that we have followed sufficient processes, such as ISO17025, to make your company happy.

Verification procedure
We do plan to issue an update to the User’s Guide with a procedure for verifying Joulescope’s static accuracy. This procedure is very similar to standard multimeter gear. You have to select each voltage and current range of Joulescope, create stimulus, and verify the results using equipment with NIST-traceable calibration. Dynamic testing is much more difficult, at least if you want to exercise the entire range with NIST-traceable equipment.

We do not plan to make the calibration process available.

Recalibration services
Yes, we do plan to offer Joulescope recalibration services. However, I don’t expect too many people to use this unless we offer NIST-traceable ISO ISO17025 recalibration. I have a local lead that may be able to make this happen, but I have not pursued it yet due to other priorities. We plan to offer services at our facility in Maryland, USA with 2 week standard turnaround.