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  • Joulescope UI 0.7.0 software update
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Hi Matt,

just installed the new UI. Some remarks:

  • Installation link for windows on does not exist, had to go to the “previous releases” table to find 0.7.0
  • Windows defender complained about suspicious activity, but let me install anyway
  • otherwise seems to work!
  • Small bug:

    Single value display does not show up in the “View” dropdown menu as ticked
  • I like the new font!
  • The waveform control, control and single value sub-windows waste a lot of space by their fixed layout. Although one can rearrange them, this does not really help.
    Maybe group them into more compact panels or if you want to stick with the separate panels, allow for a more flexible (like also arranged in columns) layout.

Otherwise… I really like the Joulescope - keep up the good work!


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Hi @Martin - thanks for the comments and feedback! Allow me to address each point:

We just finished our 0.7.0 testing, and it is now stable and released. It’s there now :slight_smile: The “previous releases” should be something else, like “other releases”, since you will also find alpha and beta releases there. Fixed!

The Jetperch LLC code signing certificate for Windows expired, so we got a new one. Looks like we are back to the beginning in not being trusted by Microsoft’s algorithms, which is very frustrating. I guess that I need to invest the time and money to get a hardware security module (HSM) signing certificate (called EV Code Signing Certificates).

Actually, this behavior is intended, but may be confusing. You are very observant for noticing this so quickly! All other Widgets are singleton, meaning that you can only display one of them at a time. If you click View → Waveform again, it goes away. With Single Value Widgets, you can add as many as you want. So, the View→ Single Value does not toggle with the checkmark next to it. Despite being intended, this behavior may still be confusing. Let me know if you have any thoughts or recommendations!

Thanks! We spent a while trying to find a font that looked good and fixed the issue. Anyone that doesn’t like the font can now change it, too :wink:

The existing 0.7.0 code forces “Control” to dock up top and all other normal (not developer) widgets to only dock in the central area. It may be time to reconsider. I personally don’t think that the Waveform Control widget is necessary, but figured we’d give it a try based upon feedback. You can always close it. I could also make it display within the Waveform Widget itself, to prevent it from taking up the additional area for the dock widget title / move / close bar.

Thanks again for the comments and feedback!