Joulescope UI 0.9.11 is now available

The Joulescope UI 0.9.11 software is now released and available for download . The primary purpose of this release is to improve the JLS v2 viewing experience. 0.9.11 also contains several fixes and improvements:

  • Fixed waveform context menu (QtGui.QMenu → QtWidgets.QMenu).
  • Fixed range tools on JLS v2 files (except for export) #131
  • Added “General/window_on_top” preference #138
  • Made y-axis markers consistent #124
  • Addressed OSX Data loss while running in background #139 using appnope package.
  • Fixed incorrect instantiation of Qt Thread from a python thread. May fix #132.
  • Added “Widgets/Waveform/scale” property for default waveform scale #135
  • Unsubscribed Single Value Widget when closed.
  • Fixed JLS open not updating view to full-resolution waveform #143
  • Added macOS signature and notarization #18

The last stable release was 0.9.7. This 0.9.11 release also includes changes from interim releases 0.9.8, 0.9.9, and 0.9.10, which include

  • Added “–window_state” command line argument
  • Fixed USB Inrush test #134
  • Fixed data_path_type “Use fixed data_path” #136
  • Fixed dual marker stats and waveform right-side stats (pyjls 0.3.2).
  • Added firmware 1.3.4 to support 2021B1 units.

If you have any comments or feedback on this release, please comment below or open an issue on GitHub.

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