Display - fixed width font?

How do I switch to a monospace font in the display?

Reason: as the values are continuously changing (a little), the displayed value moves slightly left and right. I’d like it to stay in place with just the digits changing.

My first experience (Mac, USB panel) is good!

Hi @ttmetro and welcome to the Joulescope forum! The Joulescope user interface does not currently have a way to specify a fixed width font. I was able to modify the code to display a fixed width font, but it looks pretty ugly, so I will need to spend more time. I have added a new feature for font selection, including fixed width fonts, to the list!

Thanks for the feedback, and great to hear that your initial experience is good!

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There is a font feature called “tabular figures” which is basically monospace digits, in an otherwise proportional font, for use cases like this one or for tables/spreadsheets where columns of digits should line up. Some fonts have this as an alternate option even if the standard digit glyphs are proportional. I don’t know about other platforms’ system UI fonts, but on Mac OS, the San Francisco font has tabular figures that can be enabled even though the default is proportional figures. I am not sure how to actually do that programmatically but it might be something to look into?

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