Statistics font size very small

First off. Congratulations on creating this awesome product!
Every bit from the communication prior the campaign, during and after has been exceptional. If I decide on going the crowdfunding route on future products, I will be greatly inspired by you. Thanks.

The Issue
The statistics font size is very small and I haven’t found a way to increase it. I have attached a screen capture.
Also, on your videos you show click and select for zooming X and Y. Did you remove this feature? It seems easier than scrolling.
Running macOS Mojave 10.14.1
Joulescope UI version 0.4.4

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Hi @mengel,

Welcome to the Joulescope forum, and thank you for backing Joulescope! Also thanks for the kind words. I hope that you find your Joulescope to be very useful!

That text is very small. The code currently sets “high DPI” support for Windows, but it appears to not do this for macOS or Linux. I will investigate. I also plan to make the text features (font, size and color) configurable, but this is not yet available. I added this issue to the list and will address it in a future release. Thanks for the feedback!

I received quite a bit of feedback relating to zooming and navigation from the beta users. The common feedback was that the old method was confusing, complicated, and not intuitive. I greatly simplified zooming and navigation to just use the mouse (no onscreen buttons). In the process, I did remove the click and drag operation for zoom shown with earlier software in the older YouTube videos.

With the 0.4.x software, scroll to zoom, click and drag to pan (except in live view, since I learned we can’t pan away from the most recent sample without causing confusion). I do miss the click and drag to zoom feature, too. I could add back click and drag to zoom if you also hold down the shift key. I could also add a right-click context menu for the dual markers that would zoom to the dual markers. I’m sure there are other ways, too. What do you think?

@mliberty, I like the idea of a context menu item to zoom to markers. Also, consider a “zoom to selection”, lots of tools offer this so it should be an intuitive feature.
Thanks, Sid

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@mliberty, another idea would be a context menu, on the graphs, to clear all annotations. I seem to forget to remove them when I restart the capture after browsing around on the current capture.

Download 0.4.5 (changelog) :wink: The Joulescope software has the ability to prompt you to upgrade, but I have not pushed out this update quite yet since I want to get more test time first.

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