Installation on Macs

With Mojave, Apple made it very difficult to distribute applications without going through the Apple Store. Here is what you can do to install and run the Joulescope UI:

  1. Download the Joulescope UI
  2. Open the download and drag to Applications
  3. Control-click, select Eject “Joulescope”.
  4. Open Finder and navigate to Applications
  5. Hold control, click on joulescope.
  6. Select Open
  7. A window will pop up. Click ok. The window goes away.
  8. Hold control, click on joulescope
  9. Select Open
  10. You will now see the same window, but now with an “Open” option. Click Open.
  11. But nothing will happen.
  12. However, you should now be able to run the Joulescope UI normally by double-clicking on it or clicking on it in the bottom bar.