Joulescope UI 1.0.x on macOS Big Sur (11)


Just getting started with Joulescope JS220. I would like to use the latest UI on an Intel MacBook Pro running macOS 11.7. Can’t upgrade it further due to other apps stuck in the past.

Are there any known issues on macOS 11? The official package has a check for >= 12, but that appears to be related to automatic updates, which I can live without. I downloaded the GitHub repo, tweaked joulescope_ui/ to allow 11 and the UI now starts without errors and appears to work. Any gotchas I should expect?


So, macOS 11 is unsupported and end-of-lifed by Apple as of September 26, 2023.

If you were able to install all of the dependencies under python, it should work. I am not sure how long this will last, but you are likely good for now.

I just pushed up a change to that logs a warning rather than throws an exception. You should be able stash or undo your changes and this vesion will “just work”.

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