Joulescope JS220 fuse engaged

Hello, had my device connected to Joulescope with wrong polarity.
And now it seems that I don’t get any output from my Joulescope.
Fuse engaged indicator is green, and does not go out if I press on it.

What could be wrong? How to fix it?

Hi @Ivars and welcome to the Joulescope forum!

Based upon the picture you sent, it looks like your Joulescope is operating normally and reporting current data. Here are a few questions to help you troubleshoot:

  1. Is the JS220’s sensor-side “Sensor Status” indicator LED a solid green?
  2. Does your system still work correctly? Try removing the JS220 from the setup. Does the system still work as expected?
  3. If you connect your Joulescope JS220 directly to a power supply and a known load, such as a resistor, does the JS220 report a reasonable value?

Sorry for wasting your time, but this was total late evening user error.
My connections was wrong.
Everything is working as expected.

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