Large .jls file sizes even at low sampling rates (regression with new software version)

I recently updated the Joulescope app to UI Version 1.0.42.
My platform is mac0S-13.1.arm64-arm-64bit.
I’m using a Joulescope 220.

Previously under version 1.0.31, when I set the device sampling frequency to 20kHz and only sampling current and voltage channels, I could do a 21 hour continuous capture and the .jls file size would be ~8GB.

Now I when I go to repeat the test, I’m only 600s (10min) into the test and file size is ~5GB.

Does anyone else see this regression? Why is the .jls file size so large at low sampling rates?

Hi @saketvora and welcome to the Joulescope forum!

I just tried to duplicate this. I recorded for 180 seconds (3 minutes), and have 30,892,312 B, or about 10 MB/minute. At this rate, 21 hours whould be about 12.6 GB.

I think that you might be running into issue #238. This issue only applies to Signal frequency. For what it’s worth, this is already fixed in the codebase and will be in the next release.

If you open the Device Control widget, toggle the Signal frequency to 1 MHz and then put it back to 20 kHz, are your recordings the right size?

Thanks Matt for looking into this. Yes – I bet I was running into issue #238…come to think of it I think I did have a disconnect/connect event sometime during my initial test setup.

Glad there’s a fix coming. Overall I’ve been super happy with Joulescope!

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This issue was fixed in 1.0.48 and should still be fixed in the latest 1.0.58!