Multimeter still updates values after hold

There seems to be a bug if you enable hold on the multimeter and then resize the window or window section the multimeter will still continue to update the values even when capture is completely stopped.
See my screen capture for an example of the issue:

I’m currently using:
Joulescope UI Ver: 1.0.23
Driver Ver: 1.3.16
JLS Ver: 0.7.2

On Windows 11 - 22H2 - Build 22621.1848

Hi @richardw1 and welcome to the Joulescope forum! I have been able to duplicate this issue. The only addition is that this issue occurs only when you select Accrue followed by Hold. I created issue #203. Does this correctly match what you see?

Yes, correct it only seems to happen when Accrue has been enabled.


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This issue is fixed by Joulescope UI 1.0.28 and newer. 1.0.28 is currently beta and available for download here.

Awesome, Thank you!!

Great product and amazing support!!

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