New Joulescope JS220 - Preorder today

Meet the Joulescope JS220

The most affordable and easy-to-use precision energy analyzer is now even better!



The new JS220 measures current, voltage, power, energy, and charge, just like the JS110, but now with greater accuracy, higher precision, and even more features. With the JS220, measure even the shortest pulses and design better, more energy-efficient products with confidence.

The JS220 enhancements begin with performance: a higher precision analog front end, 16-bit ADCs, and significantly increased onboard processing. Our new Enwavify™ technology enables higher accuracy measurements through current range changes. The measurement range increases to ±15V and ±3A, making the JS220 a true four quadrant measurement device, which simplifies measurements for charging circuits and switched mode power supply circuits. The voltmeter and ammeter are now exposed as independent instruments for greater flexibility. You can still hook up the JS220 like the JS110, but you can also make 4-wire Kelvin measurements.

The JS220 works with the same Joulescope UI and python scripts you already know from the JS110.

We are now accepting preorders. Joulescope JS220s will ship starting Thursday, November 3, 2022. The JS110 has been sold out for months due to supply chain shortages. We anticipate quickly selling out of our first JS220 production run. Don’t delay!