Upgraded my mac to 12.6.3 Monterrey and joulescope does not launch

Joulescope was working fine on Big Sur, then made a full clean-upgrade of my macbook and it is not launching any more.
It installs on the Applications folder but cannot launch.
Have removed and reinstalled a few times but same result.

Looking to similar topics in this forum, I’ve found that maybe the python version is causing this issue (I was formerly in 3.8 and now in 3.11)

Here is some information on my system:;

lorenzo@MacBook-lpo Application Support % python --version
Python 3.11.1
lorenzo@MacBook-lpo Application Support % which python                                                   
lorenzo@MacBook-lpo Application Support % /Applications/joulescope.app/Contents/MacOs/joulescope_launcher
[14152] Error loading Python lib '/Applications/joulescope.app/Contents/MacOS/Python': dlopen: dlopen(/Applications/joulescope.app/Contents/MacOS/Python, 0x000A): Symbol not found: (_mkfifoat)
  Referenced from: '/Applications/joulescope.app/Contents/MacOS/Python'
  Expected in: '/usr/lib/libSystem.B.dylib'

Hi @lzpons and welcome to the Joulescope forum! We are still working to improve the Joulescope UI macOS support. We have many reports that the distributed Joulescope UI dmg does not work on macOS 12. Are you running Homebrew? I have several people that seem to have success with this:

brew install python@3.8
pip3.8 install -U joulescope_ui

Then, to run the Joulescope UI:

python3.8 -m joulescope_ui UI

(from Can't launch Joulescope UI on macOS - #6 by mliberty)

Note that even if this works, you will likely run into issue #171. We continue to work on Joulescope UI 1.x which should address many of these issues!