"Windows 10 x64" binary also works on Windows 7


Just an FYI, I’m successfully using the “Windows 10 x64” binary on my Windows 7 machine. You might consider changing the text on the Downloads page so users know it works on Win 7 and 10.


Thanks for the report @svec! That makes two people successfully using Windows 7. I know that WinUSB had some changes along the way, so I am pleasantly surprised.

I’m afraid to have to test Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. However, I think Windows 8.x market share is close to zero. Windows 7 is now out of regular support by Microsoft and extended support ends January 14, 2020 (less than 7 months after Joulescope general availability).

I know it’s only a datapoint of 1, but do you plan on staying on Win7 through 2020?


I plan to stay on Win 7, but that’s because my Win 7 physical box and Win 7 VM both work as-is, and I’m scared to update them for fear of 5 years of installed software breaking when updated to Win 10.

But if my Win 7 machine or VM dies, I’ll probably go with Win 10 to spin up a new box.


Ok. Joulescope now officially supports Win 7 x64. Let’s hope I don’t get the opportunity to use my MSDN subscription :wink:


I’m happy for the Windows 7 support too but have to say it only works on my Lenovo E531, but not on my trusty T520.


Hi @Pete - is the T520 Windows 7 x64? Or is it still Windows 7 x32? I think that all Windows 7 x64 machines with current updates should work. I know x32 does not work, and I have not tested un-updated Windows 7 versions.