Device not recognized in Windows 10 x64

I got a brand new joulescope and could not make it work in my Windows 10 x64 computer. It seems an issue with the usb driver

I hope you can help me solve this issue


Hi @maxicor88. Welcome to the forum, and thank you for choosing Joulescope. I apologize that it did not just work for you straight out of the box. With Win10 x64, you should be able to plug in your Joulescope, download the Joulescope UI, and have everything work. Your Joulescope uses the WinUSB driver built into Windows, so you don’t need to install any additional drivers.

Your host computer is having problems talking to your Joulescope. One of the first things your computer does is fetch the USB descriptors from the device, and (if my translation is right) this is failing for you. Here are some things to try:

  1. Connect your Joulescope directly into a USB port on your computer. No hubs or docks. Does this fix the issue?
  2. Confirm that your Joulescope is connected to a USB 2 high-speed or USB 3 super-speed port.
  3. If it’s still not working, do you have another computer available? We test and calibrate each Joulescope in the factory, but it never hurts to double-check.

Thanks Matt for your quick response.

So we manage to make it work in both linux and windows environments.

My issue with Windows was that I had a VM Ware running Ubuntu, that somehow was interfering with the USB, even if I selected that the usb should be connected to the host computer.

With VM Ware powered off, the green status led turns ON and the program successfully launched and connected using Windows 10 x64.

We also make it work in Ubuntu, there is one step that is missing in your setup process I believe, which is to configure the udev rules file. We will try to do a pull request about it when we get some free time.


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Hi @maxicor88 - Great to hear that your Joulescope is working. That is very strange regarding VMware. I can certainly understand it capturing your Joulescope for the VM, but (like you) I would think that it should work when assigned to the host computer.

Yes, you do need to add the udev rule for Linux. We have instructions for pyjoulescope, but we may not have done a great job making it clear for the Joulescope UI.

Where were you looking for the install instructions? Here? I see that this does not mention udev rules.