Bind space key to toggle pause/run

Quite often I have several digital meters and logfiles running om my computer displaying various aspects of my circuit, joulescope being one of them. Then when the interesting event occur I rush over to click stop on the joulescope.

Here a keybinding to say something like simply hitting the space key to toggle run/pause would be practical.


Along these lines, triggered sweep would be really useful - sweep once when triggered by a current or voltage threshold, or on one of the GPIOs.


100% agree with both suggestions.

HI @mogul and welcome to the forum!

We have several requests for keyboard control of various UI features. For example, see Issue #11. The biggest reason we have not yet any keyboard support is due to keyboard focus. However, a global space bar to toggle run/pause would be pretty easy and sensible. The Joulescope UI will still have to be the active window on your computer. I created Issue #78 to capture the space bar controlling run/pause.

Hi @JuliaTruchsess and thanks for following up on triggering. Adding triggering support is still on our future features list. We have not yet made any progress. I have made a note to look into this again. Some of the architecture changes over the last 6 months have made this feature easier to add.

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Download 0.8.16 today which maps space bar to play/pause device streaming!

Hahahaha! Fantastic! Works exactly as I had in mind!



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