Feature request:Opening multiple Joulescope instances in Windows

I’d like to be able to open a new Joulescope (SW) instance even if I already have the lowest number device selected.
I frequently use 2 JS110s, and sometimes additional JS220s. With the 9.x software, I could open multiple Joulescope windows (though only for the JS110s) regardless of which one was selected. With 10.x (I just tested 10.13), to open multiple windows I have to select a device other than the lowest serial number unit on all the open instances otherwise the new window immediately closes.
It is really handy being able to have multiple Joulescopes open, but if I need to add another unit while a test is in progress, I either have to interrupt the test or wait for it to be over.

Hi @Jeremy - I definitely appreciate the desire to connect multiple Joulescope to the same host computer. While the underlying Joulescope driver supports this, the existing Joulescope UI has the notion of “one device at a time”. The behavior change with 0.10.x (closing if the one it tries to open is already open elsewhere) is not great, either.

We are already working on a new Joulescope UI. You can follow our work in the feature/1_0 branch. This version of the UI completely reimplements the internal communication core used by the Joulescope UI so that we can add a bunch of new features including multiple, simultaneous Joulescope support, full JS220 support with JS220-specific features, and new analysis capabilities.

We will have a ways to go, but I hope to have an alpha version by the end of January 2023. If you can stick with JS110’s on one PC, you can continue to use the 0.9.x Joulescope UI. If you need JS220’s on the same PC, you do need the 0.10.x Joulescope UI.

Do you have enough of a workaround to be productive through January with the Joulescope UI? If not, we could probably find a quick fix to the Joulescope UI 0.10.x closing when the lowest serial number is already open elsewhere.

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the insight into the ongoing work, it sounds like this will address my concerns and then some.
As long as this is in the roadmap, I think I can work with the way it is until the new UI is available/stable.
I did check one other workaround which is to double click a previous recording which will open a new window, then that window can be changed to the desired target device.

Best regards, & Happy Holidays!

That’s a great workaround! I wish I had thought of that.

If you find that this workaround is getting in the way of being productive, please post again here. I look forward to getting the new Joulescope UI to you!

Happy Holidays!