Power on/off relay control

Don’t want to leave target continuously powered, because (1) running down batteries, and (2) power-on behavior is required.
I’m wearing out my connector and my fingertips, unplugging and replugging my target, while stopping/starting display and logging.
Wish Joulescope GUI had option to turn target power off/on and start a new log file from single screen click.


Hi @PFKlammer,

Thanks for the suggestion. You can use the existing software to turn target power on/off using the Control View (shown automatically with the default Oscilloscope View), then set Current Range selection to off. You can then turn it back on using auto or any valid current range. This will at least save your fingertips :wink:

I also want to clarify what you mean by log file. Do you mean a .jls Joulescope data recording capture file? I’ll assume so for below.

So, here is my interpretation of the feature you want:

  1. Turn off target power (Current Range = off)
  2. Stop current jls recording (if in progress)
  3. Wait for power-off time (1 second?)
  4. Start jls recording (use automatic file naming based upon timestamp)
  5. Turn on target power (Current Range = on)

Did I capture all the steps you are doing manually? Please clarify where I have not correctly captured your intent!

If you are looking for unattended operation, we can also script this behavior using Python very easily. I can put together a quick script that does this if you would like. Let me know!

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Yes, something like that. Maybe a little more manual: separate the Off and the On actions (your description sounded like once click might do both in sequence).