Export data only or move information onscreen

Hi all,

I’m not sure if these functions are available yet, but it would be nice to have a function for moving the information of the Dual Markers. So that the information don’t overlap each other. Or just being able to move it to the other side.

Also, exporting (or just copying) the:

µ: The mean (also called average) value
σ: The standard deviation
p2p: The peak-to-peak value (max - min)
min: The minimum value
max: The maximum value
∫: The integral over the time window (Charge for current and Energy for power!)
t: The sample time for the displayed sample

noted on the screen would be very helpful.

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Hi @Groj - Thanks for the suggestions! I confirm that these features are not in the 0.6.1 Joulescope UI. However, you can use a “trick” that may help with dual markers. Drag the right marker to the left of the left marker. The text stays with the “right” marker (now on the left) and the stats are still computed over the window correctly. This “trick” is not as flexible as what you have in mind, but it’s something that you can do now.

Copying the text values to the clipboard is great idea!

Note to self: use pyperclip.

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That actually solves the problem for me :man_facepalming: , didn’t thought about it.
Thank you for the suggestion!

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