How to show actual samples in Waveform

as a new user I am not yet completely familiar with all available settings. Is there an option to enable display of the actual samples in the waveform UI (“dots” along the trace). I think it would be great to be able to visually separate real data from interpolated trace.
A second question, similar direction: Is it possible to display along the waveform which shunt resistor was used?

Thanks a lot!

Hi @julian and welcome to the Joulescope forum!

The Joulescope UI (currently 1.0.58) does not have the ability to display a dot for each sample point. If you have Min/Max set to fill 2 (default), then you will see the min/max display go away when you finally zoom in to the sample level. The signal is bandwidth limited to ~300 kHz and the sample rate is 1 MHz, so normally individual samples do not matter. I suppose we could add sample dots if you zoom way in. Accentuating samples is not normally a feature with oscilloscope or other electronics equipment since the bandwidth limits things more than the samples. Can you help me understand why accentuating the individual samples would be useful for you?

You can display the current range on the waveform. In the Device Control widget, enable the r signal. In the Waveform Control widget at the bottom of the Waveform widget, also enable the r signal.

Hey, thanks for the quick reply.

I know the feature from Tektronix oscillosopes and from Saleae logic analyzers (those with analog support). Ok maybe the key difference is that the samplerate on those is configurable, whereas on the joulescope its fixed (correct?).

For me when using the instruments mentioned above its quite convenient to have a visual impression of the samplerate along a trace, especially when having flexible zoom level in recorded data (and if the instrument permits: flexible sample rate + analog bandwith).

Both the Joulescope JS220 and JS110 have a fixed front end sample rate of 2 Msps. However, you can configure them to downsample to many different rates:

I just added issue #261.

Hi @julian - This feature is now available in 1.0.59:

Does 1.0.59 now behave like you expect with dots for each sample point when zoomed in?

The hover text now also snaps to the sample points.

Just tried with old recorded data. Works as expected, very nice I like it!

Thanks for the quick implementation!!!

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