Show data on hoover


first thanks for the Joulescope, it’s very usefull !

Using it, I find myself adding a lot of single markers all over the place :stuck_out_tongue:, so I thought it would be awesome if the UI displayed a tooltip when the mouse hoovers a datapoint on the waveform.

Kinda lika Saleae does on their analogue view with voltage, eg just pop a dot on the trace & show it’s value (as if a marker was on it).

Also, being able to add dots on waveform could lead to a side feature when at max zoom level: show dots representings the actual HW sample points !

Cheers !

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Hi @Ivanovitch_k,

Great to hear that you are finding your Joulescope useful! Welcome to the forum and thanks for the feedback. I agree that this would be a good feature. I captured your request over on GitHub.

Thank you!