Joulescope always creates Documents folder

I have changed all path settings to just my home directory but Joulescope always creates a new empty folder Documents/joulescope/ when it starts. Not everyone uses a “Documents” folder, and most programs respect this, Joulescopes should as well. This is on Linux with the latest version 1.1.6 and all previous versions.


Hi @Br101 and welcome to the Joulescope forum!

If I understand correctly, the Joulescope UI does respect the path, which you can see in SettingsPaths. However, it always creates ~/Documents/joulescope on start.

While this does not at all affect the Joulescope UI performance, it will create the Documents directory at start. Most users should not care, since the Documents directory is pretty standard across all platforms as of 2024. I don’t think Windows and macOS will function right without a Documents directory, so this is likely only an issue with Linux user’s who highly customize their system. You sound like you have deleted the Documents directory, so this behavior is annoying.

I have created issue #266.

We fixed this in UI 1.1.7, which is currently available as alpha. You can download here:

Yes, this version of Joulescope behaves well. Thank you very much for the quick solution! Highly appreciated! :smile:

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