Joulescope Data File Capture

Just starting so maybe I’m doing something wrong.

Running: Joulescope UI version 0.5.0 and Joulescope driver version 0.5.0 on OSX 10.14.6 on iMac.

a. After doing a capture, I had to search for its location. I expected to find it in the Documents folder but it is at the user level. That seems odd to me.

b. But, thinking, OK, I will use Finder Preferences to add the Joulescope folder to the sidebar, found that I cannot do that.

c. When I click to open a saved Joulescope file (example: 20190728_220559.jls), the icon looks like it is opening but I cannot locate the presumably just opened file and view it. Where should I be looking?

d. The application has quit a couple of times now but i cannot pin down any specific sequence to repeat this behavior.

More information, and things just got worse.

My Joulescope was connected through a six inch USB cable to a powered hub (Cirago).

After posting, I quit the Joulescope app and could not get it to reopen, always getting an error message.

hard restart: removed power to hub, restarted mac, plugged Joulescope into direct USB port on iMac with different cable, reinstalled Joulescope app, mac wants to know if that is OK, I say yes, open it, but it does not open. If I then directly click on the app to open it, I get the attached error message

So something got hosed and I don’t know how to fix it.

That same USB hub still allows me to connect a PICKit3 and program a PIC12F1572 using MPLab X IPE 5.20.

Actually, I now realize I did not really do a complete hard reset, will shut the Mac down and see if that helps. I can also see if the Joulescope app opens on my Airbook or in my virtual Windows 10 on this same iMac.

Hi @RobR. Thanks for the information, and sorry to hear that you are having issues with getting the Joulescope software to work on your computer. The Joulescope software does not currently support file associations on macOS, which I think addresses (a), (b) and ©. The Joulescope 0.5.0 software added the “jls” file association for Windows, but not macOS yet.

For the issue you are seeing, you must have deleted the “/Users/rralston/joulescope” directory. I took a look at the code, and it only creates the save path the first time. After that it gives the error you are seeing. I will have to fix that. In the meantime, simply create a “joulescope” directory under /Users/rralston/ or alternatively delete the hidden /Users/rralston/.joulescope directory (note the “dot” before joulescope) which will remove the Joulescope preferences.

Regarding the Joulescope UI software crashes, please follow up if you find a pattern. I presume that it was working well enough to capture data from your Joulescope. The Joulescope log files are stored in ~/.joulescope/log and the file name is the timestamp. If you notice a crash again, could you post the most recent log here? Thank you!

Yes, I had moved the Joulescope folder from that top directory to my Documents folder. The app now runs again with a folder up at that level.

As a long time Mac user I am used to being able to move virtually any folder anywhere but I can certainly live with this.

The app does run on this same iMac under:
Parallels 3.5.0 (2481)
Parallels Desktop 14.1.3 (45485)
Windows 10 Home version 1903 OS build 18362.267

The behavior was somewhat strange using oscilloscope to look at a 5 volt system which sequentially turns 5 LEDs on and off like a cylon from a PIC12F1572, namely that the current resolution on the y-axis would change every 4 to 12 seconds from
94-114 mA to 0 - 120 mA and back again. When running on the Mac side, that axis would stay consistent, displaying 94-128 mA.

And the app does run on my Airbook, using one USB port for Joulescope USB connection and the other USB port for power to my test board (nscope).

Regarding hidden files, I can find
/Users/rralston/Library/Preferences/joulescope.plist but no dot joulescope directory. I will start to learn more about hidden files.

I’m glad I supported this Kickstarter project; this test device will definitely tell me useful things.

Thanks for your reply

Hi @RobR. You can change the location of the default data storage path within the Joulescope UI software. On macOS, select “joulescope” from the menu bar, then Preferences. Click General and change data_path to your desired path.

Any non-standard Mac behavior in the Joulescope UI is on me. My Mac experience is limited to a few months just for this! I will be working to improve the Mac support over the next few months. It looks like the needs to register for launch services [StackOverflow].

With regards to the y-axis auto ranging behavior, did the waveform look correct on both computers? I’m assuming so, but let me know if not. That said, I do not know offhand what would cause the y-axis signal display range to be different between Mac and Windows, assuming that both receive the same data. I made a note to investigate.