Joulescope UI 0.8.11 now available

The Joulescope UI 0.8.11 software is now released and available for download.

This release addresses defects and improves stability on some PCs. Here is the combined changelog for 0.8.10 (only released as alpha) and 0.8.11:


  • Reduced CPU cycles when viewing JLS file with markers after streaming.
  • Fixed crash while running plugins #67.
  • Fixed waveform Y-Axis zoom only zooms out with trackpad #70.
  • Fixed PySide2 imports #71.
  • Fixed Widgets to use Python float rather than numpy.float32/64.
  • Reverted to PySide 5.13.2.
  • Improved thread safety for main thread and range tool.
  • Fixed exporter to delete partial file when canceled by user.

Official release notes on GitHub:

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