Joulescope UI 0.5.0 software release

The Joulescope UI 0.5.0 software is now officially released and available for download. The new software contains fixes and improvements based upon your feedback. Thank you! The primary changes are:

  • USB connectivity improvements : Some host computers, particularly macOS, had trouble communicating with Joulescopes. The 0.5.0 software includes new firmware and better error handling.
  • Improved current auto-ranging : This release ensures each Joulescope performs the same by using the calibration information for the auto-ranging function. It also fixes the range selection oscillation that occurred with negative currents.
  • User interface : Various fixes and improvements.

Here is the full CHANGELOG


2019 Jul 26

  • Fixed energy not displaying in “Single Value Display”.
  • Fixed “Tools → Clear Energy” not clearing energy on multimeter view.
  • Added firmware update to 1.1.0.
    • Fixed negative voltage current range oscillation.
    • Improved USB enumeration and reliability issues (LPC silicon errata).
    • Improved autoranging to use device calibration for consistent behavior
      across devices.
    • Eliminated switching glitches between current auto ranging and manual ranging
  • Improved bootloader recovery handling.
  • Removed NaN injection that caused invalid multimeter displays.
  • Added logical USB suspend/resume support to correctly resume streaming.
  • Improved USB device robustness and error handling, particularly for macOS.
  • Fixed multimeter view showing 0 current by forcing current autoranging.
  • Added optional JLS filename command line argument & Windows file association.
  • Changed window title to match active source: device or file.
  • Improved macOS dmg file.
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