Malwarebytes flags Joulescope UI 0.9.11 as a virus

We have one report of the Joulescope UI 0.9.11 being flagged as a virus. This is not the first time we have run into issues with antivirus software. For example, see this.

We distribute the Joulescope UI with Inno Setup and pyinstaller. Although pyinstaller is used by many legitimate programs, it is also used by some less savory ones. In the past, antivirus programs have mistakenly marked all pyinstaller programs as viruses. Automated AI heurstic algorithms continue to decide pyinstaller is bad from time to time.

We can use VirusTotal to easily see what different antivirus applications think:

As of March 9, 2022, MalwareBytes is currently flagging joulescope.exe. This detection is a false positive by their automated heuristics algorithm. For example, see this forum post.

We have no control over what antivirus software thinks of the Joulescope UI. We do work diligently to ensure that our Joulescope UI distributions only contain the software that we intend with no extra viruses or malware.

If you find that the Joulescope UI install is being flagged as a virus, we recommend that you first cross check using other antivirus software, and VirusTotal makes this easy. If you find a problem, please let us know! Otherwise, you may need to override your antivirus software, working with your IT department if necessary. Most antivirus software vendors will allow you to submit an application for review, which can also unflag false positive detections.

Update: As of March 21, 2022, only Antiy-AVL is now reporting joulescope.exe as a virus. Malwarebytes and all other anti-virus software are now happy with joulescope.exe. We have no false positives with the installer.

If you do find an issue with your antivirus software flagging the Joulescope software, please let us know! You can post here or contact us.