Multimeter always shows zero

My Joulescope (Multimeter) always shows zero. I’m testing with a lab supply and DVM and voltage and current (on the DUT side) are as expected, just the Joulescope display (mac) is zero for all measurements:

What am I doing wrong?

Hi @ttmetro! Sorry to hear that your Joulescope JS110 isn’t reporting data. It looks like the Joulescope UI is able to open and communicate with the JS110 but then never receives data, which is definitely odd.

Would you mind sharing the log file? Run the Joulescope UI and repeat this issue. Then click on HelpView logs…, which should open Finder to the correct location. Close the Joulescope UI. You can then email the most recent log to support at

If you haven’t already, try plugging the JS110 directly into a USB port on the host computer (no hubs or docks).

Duh. This fixed the problem. I did not anticipate this as the device was found …

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Great to hear that this fixed the problem!

I am guessing that the hub was not able to supply the 250 mA typical current to the Joulescope JS110. In this case, the JS110 would enumerate, but it would not be able to successfully power up the sensor side. The red “USB” at the lower right indicates a communication problem, but not the exact cause.