OUT to DUT is not working!

Hi there!

I just bought a Joulescope, specifically our company bought one to review and understand it so that we could purchase more… But, sadly we faced an issue as soon as started evaluating it.

I gave a 3.45V supply to IN and not getting anything on the OUT, where I am connecting my DUT. Please let me know if I am missing anything!

I followed the User Guide, as I am totally new to this!


Hi @simanda - Sorry to hear things are not working as you would expect. I suspect that this is a simple configuration issue.

Here is a simplified block diagram of your Joulescope:


So IN- is always connected to OUT-, but IN+ is only connected to OUT+ when your Joulescope is powered and the current is enabled. In the Joulescope UI, can you confirm that the “Control Widget” has the “Current Range” set to “auto”, like this:


Does this fix the issue?