Renata CR2477N battery

Hi guys, I’m starting to use Joulescope and I have some doubts. :smiley:

I would like to measure the long-term consumption of a temperature Beacon. In my last test I used a fixed source of 3.3V. But this time I would like to perform the test using the beacon battery itself as a power supply.

Below I will list the step by step I did in mode 1 (Measurement of consumption of the beacon using a fixed source of 3.3V):

In the case above I divide the accumulator value of uAh by the number of hours of my test.
253,101/15 = 16.87uA (This I consider my real average consumption of the beacon)

How could I replicate the same test above using the Renata CR2477N battery? I made a schematic of how I think the assembly would be.

Is this right? Do I have to consider some point? I’m at a loss about this setup using the CR battery

Hi @matheusdsg, and welcome to the Joulescope forum! Your Joulescope does not care what provides power, so it should work great with the battery, too.

As you have shown, battery + goes to JS110 IN+ and battery - goes to JS110 IN-. You leave your beacon (device under test (DUT)) connected the same as with the power supply. JS110 OUT+ goes to DUT + (VCC), and JS110 OUT- goes to DUT- (ground).

Does this make sense? Is something not working as expected with the battery setup?