Request: LiPo battery front panel

First of all, I love the product.

I was just wondering if there are any plans to make a front panel for Lipo batteries (JST connectors)? I use your product quite a bit, with battery powered devices. Right now I use the binding post front panel and connect the battery connectors to the binding post terminals, but it would be nice to have a front panel to reduce the extra wiring. This seems like a use case that would be fairly common, but I understand I may be wrong about that. Maybe I should design my own?

Thank you!

Hi @cwmoreiras - Great to hear! Unfortunately, we do not have plans to create any more Joulescope JS110 front panel designs. We have the four official designs: safety banana jack (default), binding post, USB 2, and BNC.

We also have a community-contributed USB3 design. I know that @simonmerrett was considering making one with JST connectors as discussed here. I don’t remember if he ever completed & shared a design.

I am not sure what JST connector you use, but searching Google for “JST to banana plugs” brings up some cabling options.

Creating your own JS110 front panel is straightforward, and we have templates for both EAGLE and KiCad on GitHub. You could consider just a JST to banana plug adapter, too. The JS110 banana jacks and binding posts are on 0.75" centers, which is somewhat “standard” for test equipment.

Hi there, I didn’t get one with the JST connectors but I have the PCBs for a terminal block version sitting in a workshop drawer somewhere. I think the terminals arrived and I disliked the force needed to actuate the clamps, so didn’t bother. Recently I’ve been using pretty much only with a small bench power supply and I have banana jacked all the things to suit the joulescope original panel. That said I do have a project going on at the moment where I need a tiny jst connection on the output, so never say never…

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