Ability to specify buffered data size

It would be great if there was an option to increase the buffered data size. It looks like there’s a maximum of 30 seconds worth of data stored (unless I’m missing something in the UI), but it would be nice to be able to increase this limit.

I often just want to have a quick look at a setup so I don’t record all sessions and being able to look back further would mean I don’t have to repeat a test if I miss something of interest.
If this was specified in either time or RAM usage, and gave an indicator of the other, it would be very useful.


Hi @haly-tom and welcome to the forum! Thank you for the suggestion. The underlying buffer implementation does have this option, but it is not exposed through the driver or UI. However, making this option configurable should be relatively straightforward. Thanks for the suggestion!

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Great to see this as an option in 0.6.6, I don’t know if this is a change, I just haven’t noticed this before or I am missing something but how do you zoom in on a section of interest? I thought using the mouse wheel did it but it only allows zooming in to the latest data, for example if I leave a test running and want to zoom in on something of interest: https://imgur.com/a/Q8yoYCH

Am I doing something wrong or is there no way to zoom in on older data?

Also as an aside, I tried to upload that gif here but I got an error:

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Ha! I can’t win on this one. When live streaming, the most recent data is ALWAYS displayed. I orginally allowed the display to pan around, but people got confused with the “latency”. So, if you pause the streaming, you can zoom and pan on it.

Not sure what’s up with posting that GIF…

Playing about a bit more I noticed an issue, if you drag on the blue bar it works ok, but if you drag the yellow bar then it stops expanding/contracting around the mid point then picks up again right at the end: https://imgur.com/a/wkdRDsz
Also noticed if you mouse off the end it starts expanding again, not an issue just noting it :slight_smile:

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Ah, so it was like that - that’s no problem just wasn’t sure if I was going mad or it was an issue. That’s fine for pausing it to pan around.
I know all to well the issues with interface design, add a simple feature and there’s no end of back and forth on what different people think is easy to use or intuitive :grin:

Thanks for reporting this behavior and especially for that video. It makes it really easy to repeat what you see! I confirm that I have been able to duplicate the issue. I created issue #24 over on GitHub:

Just a thought, regarding scrolling zooming in and out on the current data - could you keep the current functionality: mouse wheel zooms in and out on current data, dragging on the blue bar zooms on current data, dragging the yellow bar zooms on current data but then add the ability to drag the right hand side bar and this would scroll/drag the current window?

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Where is the best/preferred place to report issues? I was playing around and have managed to get the UI into a strange mode - I haven’t tried replicating it yet but, if I can replicate it, should I post in here, a new topic or github? https://imgur.com/a/istZRRr

Manage to repeat it, I’ll post here for now.
If I add a waveform of an existing input then the first freezes and I cannot remove it, I can add it again and it works but the first, frozen, waveform remains: https://imgur.com/a/JpxGCfJ

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Thanks @haly-tom! Great video once again, and I can duplicate the issue exactly. This one should be easy to fix. I created issue #25 over on GitHub.

When you run into issues, you can post here or create an issue over on GitHub. These are obvious UI issues, so creating pyjoulescope_ui issues makes sense. If it’s less clear and ends up being a pyjoulescope issue, I can move it if needed. Feel free to post here to the forum or GitHub, whichever is easier for you.

Your videos and feedback have been great! Thank you for your time in helping to improve the Joulescope software!

That’s a good thought! We are also going to revamp the settings, which will make having different behaviors much easier. Perhaps we can have the default mode that always keeps the most recent sample in view and an advanced mode that allows you to use the normal pan and zoom in live streaming mode. This time, the software could display some big warning text when you are being real time. Not sure that would be enough to prevent a particularly vocal YouTuber from throwing a temper tantrum, but may help legitimate Joulescope users :wink:

Happy to help, makes a change when something is reported and something is change/fixed :slight_smile: (Jira, basic feature requests, one > 2 years old, another > 6 years old).

That sounds like a good compromise, sometimes these things take a couple of revisions to get it spot on (we’ve just added some basic functionality to one of our units with an LCD and couple of buttons - no end of back and forth on what different people consider a good interface :thinking:)

Haha, yeah I saw the review, given it was early software, and the upcoming competing product, I took it with a heavy pinch of salt :grin:

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