Actual time display when dragging marker

When viewing a .jls file, it would be nice to be able to see the actual calendar time while a marker is being dragged. Sometimes there are external events that are noted in log books, or there are multiple joulescopes being used to log data, which are not synchronized. For example, I want to log the input current from the battery of a wireless charging transmitter with one Joulescope while simultaneously logging the charging current from the DUT being wirelessly charged with another Joulescope. When extracting points of interest, it would be nice to easily find a calendar time in one file, and then find the same time in the other file. Dealing with seconds and trying to figure out the offset between the starting time of the two files is not fun.

Also, we have our own data logger which periodically updates the status of the DUT, and it produces timestamps. How nice it would be to find that same time point in a .jls file by simply dragging a marker!

Understood and agree. I have updated Issue #55 to also include markers.