Annotations not appearing in saved jls files?

I was doing a waveform recording and using the text annotation feature but right clicking on the waveform > Annotation > Text. I can see the markers on the waveform with text.

After I stopped the recording, I opened up the .jls file and the waveform shows but the annotation markers are absent. I clicked around the settings and didn’t see anything jump out at me.

It’d be great to view these annotations because I’m using these text markers to mark specific events or conditions that my device experiences.

Joulescope UI version 1.0.62
Joulescope driver version: 1.4.10
JLS version 0.9.3
Platform: macOS-13.6.5-arm-64bit


Hi Saket,

The Joulescope UI does save annotations, but not while recording JLS files. The Waveform widget and the JLS recording are two entirely separate things. Adding annotations to an active Waveform widget does not affect the JLS recording in any way.

To save annotations along with a JLS file, I can think of two options:

  1. Capture data to the RAM buffer, if desired data fits in RAM. Add annotations. Right-click on any Waveform plot and select either “Export visible data” or “Export all data”.

  2. Record a JLS file. Open the JLS file. Add annotations. Right-click on any Waveform plot and select AnnotationsSave.

Does either approach work for you?