Can not pan waveform in ver 1.0.23?

Is it just me? Moving mouse across the waveform window while hold left mouse button has no effect. Neither does shift-scrollwheel.

Everything was working great a few minutes ago before I updated.


Hi @bigjosh - I just double-checked on Windows and macOS. Both work. If you are streaming live sample data, it is pinned to the most recent data by default. You need to unpin it:

If that’s not the issue, what host OS are you using?

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That’s it. Sorry, I never knew about the pin buttons before- I must have accidentally clicked it.

Thank you!

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Hi @bigjosh - Great!

The left and right pin controls are new in Joulescope UI 1.0. They turn on automatically when you start live streaming, and disable automatically when you pause live streaming or on JLS file sources.

This gives the same behavior as 0.10.x and earlier, but with the added flexibility to more closely inspect the live streaming data.