Energy display when showing annotations?

My battery powered application wakes up, does work, sleeps. Mostly sleeps. In oscilloscope view, is there some way for Joulescope to show the energy between dual markers that I’ve placed on the waveform? Is it there and I’m simply missing it?


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Hi @ikester - Yes, but you need to display the “power” signal. Here are the steps:

  1. Start the Joulescope UI software
  2. Select ToolsViewOscilloscope
  3. In the top-level corner, click SettingsAddpower
  4. The annotations statistics for the power signal will contain ∫ (integral) which is energy.

Note that the “current” signal also displays ∫ which is charge. Whether you are optimizing for energy or charge usually depends upon your choice of regulator. Linear LDO regulators conserve charge while switching regulators conserve energy (minus losses) by converting between current and voltage.

Hiding the other signals, here is what I see:

Perfect…for some reason I hadn’t noticed the “Settings” box. thanks!

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