Multi-channel variant?

My Joulescope has been super helpful! My main limiting factor is that I can only view 1 signal at a time. Is there a multi-channel version of the Joulescope coming up?

Alternatively, if I get a second Joulescope, is there a way to overlay the graphs from two separate Joulescopes on top of each other?

Hi @michaelhobo and welcome to the forum! Great to hear your Joulescope has been useful. As you noted, your Joulescope JS110 measures the current from IN+ to OUT+ and the voltage from IN+ to IN-. As of now, we do not have a multichannel version of Joulescope available or on the near-term roadmap.

The Joulescope UI only supports a single Joulescope at a time, but you can open two Joulescope UI instances at the same time. You can connect each instance to a different Joulescope. I know several customers that do this. We do not currently have software that overlays the signals from two different Joulescopes. Is this good enough for your application, at least to start? We do have several reasons for adding support to overlay waveforms from different sources, mostly to assist with comparison over time, but we have not yet scheduled this feature.

Multiple UI instances could work, although it makes it difficult to see how signals relate to each other.

If we have the ability to do overlaid signals, i’d definitely consider buying another set of Joulescopes!

Handling multiple input sources (Joulescopes and recordings) with the waveform view is definitely on the list. No commitments yet, but possibly Q3. I will post here when/if we schedule and start this feature. Thanks again for your time in providing this feedback!