Joulescope Can't Stream (And sensor firmware update failing)

Hey there,
Today’s my first day with the Joulescope, and I can’t seem to get it working. I’ve confirmed that it is showing up correctly on the Device Manager.


And from reading other forum posts, I think I’ve traced the issue to needing a firmware update on the sensor, but I haven’t been able to update it.

A line from the log file with the device info from after I tried to update it.

INFO:2021-01-27 14:08:18, info: {‘type’: ‘info’, ‘ver’: 1, ‘ctl’: {‘mfg’: {‘country’: ‘USA’, ‘location’: ‘MD_01’, ‘lot’: ‘202043_00’}, ‘hw’: {‘rev’: ‘H’, ‘sn_mcu’: ‘C20010D070D4A1BA18C523C54091005F’, ‘sn_mfg’: ‘002150’}, ‘fw’: {‘ver’: ‘1.3.2’}, ‘fpga’: {‘ver’: ‘0.2.0’, ‘prod_id’: ‘0x9314acf2’}}, ‘sensor’: {}}

I unfortunately cannot attach the log file, but if you upgrade my account I will do that.

Another note, I see the device disappear from the device manager and reappear shortly afterward when the UI tries to connect. And when I perform a firmware update, I see it change in the device manager to bootloader, but change back around the 20% mark.

Any help you can provide is greatly appreciated,

Ah sorry to be wasting your time. I just swapped USB cables, and ran another firmware update, and everything is looking good now. Thanks.

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Hi @Drew & welcome to the forum! Looks like you solved the issue before I even had a chance to respond. Great!

I am not entirely sure what happened. It sounds like the errata for the microcontroller we use, but your Joulescope was built 2020 week 43, which should have the workaround. I updated your account so that you can post the log. I am happy to take a look if you want.

Either way, I hope that your Joulescope helps you build great things in 2021 and beyond!

joulescope_20210127_190806_28352.log (1.5 MB)

Hey, I’ve attached the log file just in case there’s something useful you can spot in there.

Thanks again.

Hi @Drew - I took a look at the log file, and something very strange happens starting on line 127:

INFO:2021-01-27 14:08:18, Joulescope:002150
INFO:2021-01-27 14:08:18,
INFO:2021-01-27 14:08:18, info: {'type': 'info', 'ver': 1, 'ctl': {'mfg': {'country': 'USA', 'location': 'MD_01', 'lot': '202043_00'}, 'hw': {'rev': 'H', 'sn_mcu': 'C20010D070D4A1BA18C523C54091005F', 'sn_mfg': '002150'}, 'fw': {'ver': '1.3.2'}, 'fpga': {'ver': '0.2.0', 'prod_id': '0x9314acf2'}}, 'sensor': {}}
INFO:2021-01-27 14:08:18, update required: None < (1, 3, 2)

The Joulescope host-side microcontroller was not able to talk to the sensor-side microcontroller to get the version number. As you would expect, the sensor-side is extensively tested during manufacturing, so we know this worked at one point. If I had to guess, your initial setup was not able to provide sufficient current to the Joulescope instrument over USB. Ironically, the JS110 does not monitor it’s own USB current/voltage supply, so I cannot easily confirm. However, the sensor side does require significantly more current when it turns on.

General recommendations:

  1. Plug your Joulescope directly into your computer if you can.
  2. If you cannot, use a powered USB hub. Although we spec Joulescope to take up to 500 mA (the full port allocation), in practice they consume closer to 250 mA.

If you see this or any other issues, please don’t hesitate to post here!