Joulescope UI prompts to *downgrade* firmware on new JS220

Opening Joulescope UI 0.10.10 (macOS 10.15 | Intel x86_64 variant) and plugging in a brand new JS220 shows this prompt:

Relevant text:

Upgrade firmware?
app: 1.0.3 => 1.0.4
fpga: 1.0.3 => 1.0.2

I’m worried about the suggestion that the FPGA firmware will be downgraded, so will happily hold off until I have more experience or hear further advice.

Hi @hraftery - don’t worry! The firmware update will do the right thing. I just checked the 0.10.10 source code, and it incorrectly swaps the FPGA from & to in this dialog box. This will be fixed in the upcoming 0.10.11 release. It is still safe to update the firmware using 0.10.10.

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