Logarithmic view on launch

When Joulescope is opened, I would like the logarithmic view so that my charging capacitors at 60mA for 1ms don’t take up 80% of my Y axis. Could such an option be added to the Oscilloscope profile on the preferences screen?

Hi @andrewhh and thanks for the request! The answer is obviously, “of course”, but there is one detail. The existing Joulescope UI supports several signals: current, voltage, power, current_range, in0, and in1. It only lets you set a logarithmic scale on the current and power signals.

Which makes more sense to you:

  1. A single logarithmic scale preferences setting that applies to both current and power signals
  2. Multiple logarithmic scale preferences settings, one for each signal, which we would likely limit to one for current and one for power.

In my case, power and current are the same thing since I use a 3.7V battery, so I would say “whichever one is easier to develop into the GUI”.

I just added issue #135. We’ll include this feature in the next release.


We fixed this in 0.9.11. Check it out:

If you have any issues with this new feature, please comment below!